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    "Doctor we need thirty microliters of Thetamoline over in the emergency room." I stood there, exhausted as i listened to my assistants clamor about in theri scrubs. It was damn near impossible to run a decent medical clinic on this rock. Not that Ossus was actually a bad rock. In fact it was one of the more interesting garden worlds in the Alliance, even after the Sith incursion 10 years ago. Since then however, the constant parasitic infections of the Ossus project have caused a spike in crime rates. I had thought opening a clinic hear would not only be good business but be a helping hand. Instead I've had to use the extra money we pull in to hire security instead of expanding on the facility itself. We're understaffed, under funded, and now our equipment is becoming outdated. I picked up my syntha computer and began to jot down a few new orders of Cledosomine, the only known cure for the Ossus project parasite.

    "WHAT?" I snapped. The young, Zabrak intern cringed. I was feared in this medical clinic. the best doctor with one of the worst attitudes. I'd been known to strike people out of hatred just as often as i would stake my life on saving them. I suppose that came from my secretive practice though.
    "I - I'm sorry doctor Targon. We just - uh - we just got another injured padawan in and -" I let out a horrid sigh, lifting my gaze to the white panels of the cieling and letting my arms fall limply to my sides.
    "I'll go see him right now." I grabbed my coat off of a nearby railing and moved over to the emergency area.
    "Umm, doctor?" I spun around and stared intently at the intern."What about the Thetamoline?"
    "You have hands don't you?" I sneered and turned away from the intern. Damn they get more and more retarded every year.
    I stepped into the room and dismissed the other two asistants and then closed the shutters to the room. I stared at the young Malukah padawan and his gore mark across his stomach. Sitting down in the chair next to him I asked, "What happened?" He turned his face toward me and spoke softly.
    "I was attacked by some thugs when I was doing an errand for my master. I - GAHHH!" He cirled up in pain and i sighed in response. I focused my thoughts on him and could feel the gash in his stomach as if it were on me. The pain was intense and horrible. He eased up and stared back at me. "How - you've been trained to use the force? I thought you were like all the other force sensatives that don't recieve training."
    "No." I responded. "I'm very well trained. Unfortunately we don't have any bacta or synthaskin for you. If you want i can heal you using the force, but it will not be pleasant."
    "Why? Whats so bad about it?" I thought for a moment. That power was dangerous in more than one way.
    "Because to force sensative people it accumulated all of your emotions. It requires an intense hatred for something and then an intense will to push all of that energy into a living subject. you have a chance of becoming subjucated by dark forces. If you'll accept it then I'll do it."
    "You use the dark side of the force? To heal!? I - I'm curious."
    "If you say so. I'll appease your curiosity, but I warn you that you may become your own enemy if you always think this way." I sat and focused all of my hatred into one place (use the force 17). All the visions that rattle my very being. Each image a reminder. Burnt buildings, shattered glass, blood, blaster scorches, the skin... peeling off a little each day. I smacked my hand into the gut of the young padawan and watched his wound close as the dark black and red glow of my hand stitched together his flesh with unseen threads. When i was done i stood up and moved across the room. I could feel the taint inside me again.
    "Don't tell anyone, or i'll be forced to relocate the medical facility." I left the room and could feel my old self linger in there out of spite. It was going to be a long day again.

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