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    Post by Ippy on Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:35 am

    Right, so it is in my personal opinion that this here forum is in need of a new game, and possibly moar players. I may re-advertise on FB soon. Regardless, as to the new game, I'm willing to host another (though I would love it if one of you choose too).

    Currently, I have three options that I'm satisfied with (theyz in the poll). I'll go ahead and give a description of each:

    Dnd Camp: Yeah, you know what that is. For plot? I have no idea. I was even considering a story based on a shared background of tah characters (everyone plays as a member of ______). Maybe one based on a merchanizing empire. No clue, if this is chosen I will likely be asking for input. The game itself would likely move slow, though I would prolly post online 'get together' times where we could rapidly progress through events.

    Vamp-Stealth: This would be a game where you played as a vampire (and at first a shitty one) who stalked the night for food. You would be hunted and vunerable to sunlight, meaning the game would be based on avoiding pulling to much human hate upon yourself. You would be more responsible for pulling your weight narratively, myself interceding-- hell I have no idea how it's going to work yet. I'll make it work though (honestly this one prolly lends itself better to pen/paper, but we hav enough of those).

    And that last option, well that means I shouldn't bother 'cause your planning on one (I would have liked to see that in the development section earlier). If your making one but still want to play either of the above, do say so and vote for the game you prefer.

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    A New Game Empty Re: A New Game

    Post by Boxpopper on Fri Nov 18, 2011 1:09 am

    3.5! Because fuck 4E! It ruined DnD for me. Temporarily.

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