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    Day One

    The two dimensionals arrived at Terraria through the transport of their people's technology. Terraria, being a dimension categorized by its food chain, had been marked a hostile dimension, wild and untamed. The two dimensionals had resolved to burden themselves with the task of taming Terraria.

    Franku's sister had lost a darling to the voracious monstrosities of the dimension. He desired to bring safe haven to Terraria, so that native humanity might cultivate civilization and escape their shackles as prey. On the day of transport, Franku immediately tore up the earth as if loose bricks, and gave similar treatment to the surrounding wood plants. His implements of choice were his bare hands and what few paltry tools that the transport could afford to deliver across existent realities.

    The dimensional Ethine was not so tragically bound to Terraria as his companion. His mind thus freed marveled at the strange and engorged flora of Terraria. Wood plants taller than his eyes had ever seen shrouded the landscape, vibrant and carnivorous undergrowth blooming beneath their branches. Intuitively understanding the conditions for such evolutions, Ethine assembled a weapon from the materials at hand, readying for the night.

    Day Three

    Franku, wounded from the night's encounters, was forced to call an end to their day's explorations. Worried for his compatriot, Ethine erected a serviceable shelter beneath the cliffs and proceeded to scout for everything or anything that showed promise as a herbal salve. He crossed creatures of a man-eating demeanor, which he slew without much trouble. Those creatures had not been accustomed to the skill and bravery of a dimensional, nothing more than predators of larger game. They could not be compared to the abominations of the night, those things which were already dead yet moved still. Those undead creatures killed not for substance, but in sheer madness. Their violence was boundless and unquenchable. Their bodies, even if broken beyond function, would remain animated and thrash wild with hate.

    At Ethine's return to the shelter, he found it had been reinforced. Franku had elected to suspend his recovery in order to expand and fortify the structure. When Ethine berated his friend for refusing to rest Franku retaliated that such action was obligatory. Their nomadic strategy would not suffice, and thus this shelter would become their center. It would become the origin of civilization in Terraria.

    Day Nine

    Progress was slow. Too few of the native humanity found the dimensionals' shelter to be sanctuary. Of the many that crossed paths with either Franku or Ethine, little overcame their skepticism that the structure could protect them, and even less still possessed the courage to settle down and endure rather than remain mobile in flight. The dimensionals despaired at the imagined fates of those that chose to forsake their guardianship, for all the humans of Terraria were young with bodies hardened by a harsh survival.

    Ethine on this day begun a wide expedition in search of the thing. He was uncertain what it may be, but he found it in want, a beacon to draw the natives, a symbol of security. The shelter, though its walls were thick in stone, gave no means to empower the human spirit. Prey that cowered beyond a predator's reach would always be prey. Prey that one day would have to leave it's protection in search of food.

    Dismayed with the rate of immigration, Franku trusted in the native humanity for aid. He believed they would know best how to ensure that more would opt for haven instead of wildness, a wilderness with murderous night abominations. One of the natives, a demolitionist, nurtured a close confidence with Franku. At the demolitionist's suggestion, Franku requisitioned hefty sums of dynamite and blew apart spacious chambers beneath the shelter. The explosive renovations were not free of incident, sparring neither bedrock nor the shelter's reserves of constructive materials.

    Day Eleven

    Ethine's expedition terminated more swiftly than any would have expected. He returned with his treasure, filched from a most deep and dangerous dungeon of Terraria. He came back with him the meat of many slain predators and a most magnificent yo-yo, the weapon by which he had wrought his great hunt. All of the shelter rejoiced and feasted, and in the night Ethine struck down the undead abominations foolish enough to besiege the doors and windows.

    Day Seventeen

    The yo-yo and the tales of its alien warrior stretched distantly into Terraria, attracting more of the native humanity than the shelter could properly contained. Having lost much supply to the dynamite episode and forced by the great demand of the immigration, Franku employed what material was available to provide the minimum required for protection. Rather than sacrifice safety, comfort in the shelter dwindled as rooms were furnished with naught but a table and chair of stone. Their size shrunk to uncomfortable, and the chambers formed from dynamite filled to capacities as to be equally and fairly uncomfortable as the minimal rooms.

    Despite this hardship, morale did not diminish. With the burgeoning population came a great variety of ability and knowledge. The natives shared their trades and the earmarks of civilization grew from within them. Ethine, their hero, busied himself clearing the area of predators and monstrosities drawn to bustling hub of life. He escorted forays into Terraria's jungles, and safeguarded those who were yet to receive a position amidst the shelter during the nights.

    Day Twenty-Three

    Just as word of the dimensional and their asylum had etched its way through Terraria's native humanity, so too did it find its way to more malicious and cunning receptacles. The Eye of Cthulhu, an ancient and powerful evil spawned from Terraria's nascent energies, pointed its gaze towards the shelter. For all its intelligence, it has had all but one quest since its reproachable birth: destruction.

    There was no weapon, no potion, no explosive among the population of the shelter that could oppose the Eye's methodical obliteration of the civilization-to-be. It massacred the people in a night, and even Ethine with his yo-yo was meet with defeat non-befitting his heroic iconography. Both the dimensionals' bodies were dispensed threatening damage and, as per the biology of their race, were emergency transported to elsewhere to Terraria, bereft of all their possessions.

    Day Twenty-Four

    Diagnosed as emotionally turbulent, Franku was transported home as readily as his body was capable. Franku's state, although deemed transient, was determined to be jeopardizing. In interest of Ethine's well-being, and in the newfound extent of Terraria's hostility, a third dimensional, Ios, was transported to Terraria. When Ios inquired of Ethine the minimal space necessary to attract one of the native humanity, it seemed the events of the night prior compounded on Ethine and effected his heart to fold. Although Ethine did his duty by Ios, his emotionally was diagnosed to be nominally weak. Progress of Terraria is perhaps lesser than day one of our intervention.

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    lol, you actually wrote a story. Makes sense why you were asking stuff.
    I like it.

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