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    Post by Elit3Fla5h on Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:13 am

    Cold… you feel cold for a second before darkness rushes back.
    Moist… you feel the spray of water on your face for a moment as your consciousness returns for a second only to be lost in blackness again.
    Sand… you feel sand on your face as the darkness of your mind fades away. You open your eyes and take in the blurred sideways vision of a beach and ocean. You stumble to your feet as you vision begins to focus and notice that you are on a sandy round island only about 20 feet in diameter.
    No trees.
    No grass.
    No animals.
    No sound save the swaying ocean.
    It is light, but there is no sun in the cloudless sky. No other land as far as the eye can see.

    A strong wind suddenly blows across the island and blows sand all around, blinding you and covering those still on the ground a bit. As the wind dies down you notice that it uncovered many “objects”. In fact the entire island is now covered in these random items.
    A knights sword
    An old fashion bow
    A Viking dagger
    A rabbits foot
    Tight fitting elastic shoes with no laces
    A Leather bound book
    A Smiths hammer
    A flint lock pistol
    climbing gear
    A black cloak
    Fingerless Gloves
    A knights shield
    A small bag of gold coins
    A horse shoe
    A white dove in a cage
    A bent spoon
    A Crystal ball
    A pair of wire rim glasses
    A human eye
    A pair of dice
    And a small rock with symbols carved into it.

    You scratch your head as you try to remember how you got here… nothing.
    You try to remember who you are, nothing but a name.
    You can’t remember anything before waking up.

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    Post by Elit3Fla5h on Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:15 am

    Shall rubs his eyes to get sand out before pinching himself. The small sharp pain tells him that this is no dream. He sits down and examines himself. He is a little under 6 feet with light brown pants and a white tank top under an open light brown jacket. He rubs the top of his head and pulls out a short black hair about an inch long. He rubs his face and finds it has some stubble, though only slight.
    What the hell? He thinks to himself.Shall looks around at the other people and the junk on the ground. He looks at the dice on the ground next to him with a questioning face to him and reaches to grab them. The moment his hand touches them they let out a glow and disappear.
    Shall begins to feel strange, the empty feeling he had had begins to feel slightly filled. He gets the feeling he can do that only two more times.
    “Anybody know where we are?” He shouts to the others.

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    Post by Ippy on Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:55 pm

    OOC:: Char's Gender = Female (if applicable)
    Pleasent is the singular word that comes to mind. My skin is pressed against a cool, damp clay. A friendly breeze wraps me in bliss and the smell of salt. My lips curl into a smile and I draw my arms in closer to my chest. I want to stay like this longer, here on the shore where the only sound is the crashing of waves on earth.

    "Anybody know where we are?" a voice interupts my peace. I roll over, face towards the sunshine. I open my mouth with the intention to answer the voice, but, then I realize: I don't know how I got here. My abdomin clenches and my torso rises. I open my eyes to a beach littered with objects, some objects I recognize and others I don't.

    My eyes lock with those of another being. I imagine he's the source of the voice. Mild confusion aside, I chuckle as a response comes to my head. "I'd say were on a beach, but you never know," I throw back to him. One of the objects draws my attention from the man. A caged dove, ever-tranquil beast standing complacently in its bindings. I move over to it and grab ahold of the cage. I begin to regard the creature when, in the matter of an instant, the entire construct vanishes. My eyes go wide, staring at the sand where the cage had been.

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