Call to Era


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    Post by Ippy on Wed Feb 11, 2015 4:18 pm

    These good?

    Angel has spent so much time simply wandering and exploring that she becomes uneasy when she fails to go "ranging." If she does not spend an hour on such a walk each day she becomes shaken until she does.

    Partially Illiterate
    Angel learned to read from children, when they bothered to teach her. Reading a passage of text is a full round action requiring an intelligence check DC 12. If she fails, she may spend another round in attempt and the DC lowers by 2.

    Raised By Wolves
    Angel rose to maturity in the wild, and has had a far easier time finding companionship amongst beasts than amongst the civilized races. She receives a +4 on wild empathy checks and on handle animal checks with animals that are friendly towards her.

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    Re: Call to Era

    Post by Rock'emSock'emRabbi on Mon Jul 20, 2015 5:14 pm


    Fabricator: When using removes any feat requirements for crafting. Crafting takes 1/100 of the time. Must pay double to craft(Full Price). Must have 5 ranks in Craft(Fabricator) to operate. 

    Neuromanipulator: Can move one skill point from it's original into a new skill. Re-assigning a skill point like this can make it so any skill can go one above the level cap would be ie: a lvl 3 Barbarian can have 4 ranks in tumble only after using the Neuromanipulator to assign it. Requires 300gp to fuel. First time use = Bonus skill point 

    PositiveEnergy Elemental: After freeing it from it's prison this creatures seems to roam aimless around the lab. Range: 200ft 1 point positive energy burst.

    Faded Power Core: Powers base lab facilities.

    Runic Dagger: Destroys barriers

    Capacitors: Allows Teleporter travel. 

    Unique Items:


    Psionic Membrane Gem: Temp HP worth 3x pp used at beginning of the day. Regain temp HP by manafesting 3hp per power level.

    The Catalyst: Standard action summon unit per lvl. Power Augment: Charge the Catalyst by forgetting a known power lvl1-4 but allow underlings to manifest it once per day per lvl/2

    BOUNUS:(PM+ C) Membrane shift: Underlings can summon their master, Two underlings must stand 10ft apaer(With a habitable space in between) take a full round channeling.  

    BOUNUS:(PM+ C) Menbric summons: Underlings start with 5 temp hp


    Cloak of the pact: Summon Wispwolf HP:2+Cha+lvl, AC:12, Speed 30, At:bab+cha,dmg: 1d6+Cha+Wis Crit:20 x2. Summoning: Spend bardic music. 1st free, everyone after cost an additional Music(Wolfs:Music, 1:1, 2:2, 3:4, 4:7, 5:11...)


    Upgrade slot (Current: Personality chip +3cha): The cost to create a new chip is Bounus^(2)x1000. Chip grants tech bounus to ability score 

    DeltaPlus: Must stay within 40ft of owner, 20ft move, Auto succeed on aid other x2 checks


    Absorbed Powers:
    Dark Drain - 1d6 negative energy damage, heal for this amount damage delt


    Acts of Evil:
    Destroy a soul - Lose Fossil Fortitude & Nimble Form - Gain +2(Any), +1 skill/lvl, +1 feat.


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    Re: Call to Era

    Post by Rock'emSock'emRabbi on Thu Dec 24, 2015 1:16 pm

    Alarice has discovered the limit to the amount of minds she can control at once. Her solution: Just mash'em together.
    Alarice had decided: Fuck it! Mosh pit!

    Lvl 1 underlings can no longer act as individuals and instead are mentally combined into one consciousness inhabiting five vessels 

    Squad rules:
    5 Units per squad Space 5x5 Reach 5
    HP: average+5: (3xbarbs[d12hd(avr6.5)+2con+1FC] + 2xclerics[d8hd-1con+1FC]= 42hp squad)
    AC: Average + 2 Sq bonus
    Is subject to critical hits
    Is treated as having only one mind
    Cannot be flanked tripped or grappled
    Inish: +0(no dex bonus, can apply imp inish once)
    Speed: as slow as the slowest individual
    Can take two standards/ a full rnd and move per turn
    Can only attack once a turn
    Can only cast/ manifest a single spell/power in a turn, always casts defensively

    Squad always and only flanks for it's self
    Attack: average +2(flanking)
    Damage: 2d6 + Average bonus per d6
    Attacking as a standard reduces the damage to 1d6
    Equipping a squad completely with magic weapons adds an additional d6 per+1 bounus
    AoE effects are 50% stronger
    Squads count at 2 people for Urgan's 'Rape Wisps'
    Feats and skills are kept separate between members
    Check with me about feats that break squad rules

    I have a dream, that one day, Teamwork feats will be used.

    Today is not that day


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    Re: Call to Era

    Post by Rock'emSock'emRabbi on Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:24 pm

    Found a new char pic for Colt


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